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Heated Tobacco Products

Ready for a change from smoking lit cigarettes?

Meet NUSO heated tobacco sticks, the new choice for you

Our Classic Series of heated tobacco sticks offer a superior smoking experience. From Virginia to Zimbabwe, we only use the finest tobacco blends from around the world.



Our Enhanced Sticks blend fresh fruity flavors with the authentic taste of real tobacco. Flavored with natural extract essence, our fruit-flavored sticks let you add a shot of sugar to your day – without the calories.




Innovative Flavors

Water Based Emission

Smoke Free

Ash Free

Reduced Indoor Pollutants

Environmentally Friendly

Won’t Stain Your Fingers

Won’t Stain Your Teeth

We Care About The Environment

Reduction of Harmful Substances

NUSO HTP undergo extensive testing before entering the market. The level of harmful substances, like carbonyls, heavy metals, etc. in NUSO HTP is significantly lower than that of traditional cigarettes.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Testing shows that the emission of potentially harmful elements from NUSO HTP is much lower than that of cigarette smoke. The tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide emissions of NUSO HTP meet the emission standards quoted in directive 2014/40/EU.


Our packaging reflects the Single-Use Plastic Directive (EU) 2019/904 guidelines for tobacco products in EU countries. In order to further the UN Sustainable Development Goals we are currently researching the use of de-plasticized materials for the next evolution of our packaging.

Our Advantages

How NUSO is Making a Difference

NUSO products produce no ash and the aerosol from Nuso products contains roughly 90% less harmful substances than the smoke from cigarettes.

We conduct regular audits to evaluate the upplier’s sustainability, reliability, and environmental impact.

A dedicated team reviews the use and management of tobacco products in our ecosystem. NUSO is committed to preventing the ingredients in our products from affecting the environment or public health.

We listen. We hear from both our clients and consumers their feedbacks and suggestions, which help us to improve our customer services and develop more portfolio to meet the global market.


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