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Tabexpo 2023 Spotlight: NUSO’s Eye-Catching Appearance

The tobacco industry is growing quickly, with a large focus on novel products and smoking accessories. This year, Tabexpo came back, held in Bologna, Italy, early in May. NUSO had an opportunity to display their latest inventions at the expo, which we will outline in this article.

NUSO’s Booth at Tabexpo 2023

NUSO was fortunate enough to secure a booth at the Tabexpo 2023, an annual expedition where the top players in the tobacco industry come together and show potential investors and clients what they have to offer.

This event marked a great success for NUSO, where the bright yellow booth was easy to spot from almost anywhere in the center.

Throughout the event, NUSO had the opportunity to showcase the large variety of tobacco flavor options that we are able to offer businesses. Another important takeaway from the event was the introduction of two new original tobacco flavors – Indigo and Gold, which can meet the needs of different market and get high assessment from NUSO’s partners. 

Opportunity for Face-to-Face Business

The pandemic really brought along a period where face-to-face meetups were difficult. With lockdowns all over the world, it meant we all had to turn to virtual meetups to do anything. This year, we finally regained the opportunities to forget about what the pandemic caused – and once again have a face-to-face business. 

NUSO was truly excited about this opportunity, where we had the ability to connect and engage with potential clients throughout the entire European region. In-person interactions offer greater engagement and help convey messages more effectively. This also allowed the representatives from NUSO to sit down with potential clients, showcase our products, and have real conversations – which ensures these clients understand the position that NUSO holds in the industry and how they can benefit from the line of products. 

Positive Feedback from Visitors

Several visitors who decided to make a stop at NUSO’s booth provided feedback on their thoughts. Here, we have a closer look at some of the feedback that NUSO received:

The new Gold flavor is amazing! I love it, and I’m sure my customers will love it too.” – B. Rossotti .

I was tempted to try the Gold and Indigo when I heard it would be showcased at the Tabexpo. And wow – it surely was not a letdown. It’s really something unique that we can now bring our customers.” – T.A. Harris.

What an awesome variety of flavors! I’m used to seeing a very limited flavor portfolio in most cases. But NUSO really went the extra mile to give us variety – something that’s really needed to continue expanding and growing in this industry” – A. Garcia.


During the Tabexpo 2023, NUSO provided a view of latest innovations, giving attendees the opportunity to see what the future of the tobacco industry might look like. NUSO provides a complete product line that ensures every preference amongst your customers can be effectively met. By using cutting-edge technology, NUSO also brings novel products to the market. Reach out to learn more about how NUSO can help your business grow.