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At Broad Far, we are proud of our portfolio of heated tobacco products. Broad Far’s mission is to serve the mainstream trend in the tobacco industry as smokers’ awareness of health risk prompt a shift from combustion cigarettes to Next Generation Products.
We have continuously invested in product research and development to explore more options for adult smokers who desire to improve their smoking experience.

Our Capacity

A strong team of in-house R&D experts

  • Supply chain management
  • Responsible sourcing

Flexible channel strategy of sales

  • Ensure product quality and safety
  • Improve resource and energy efficiency
  • Emissions and waste management

A strict production quality control system

  • Advocate for harm-reducing lifestyle choices
  • Build active and meaningful community dialogue
  • Cultivate an inclusive culture

The power of new brand & marketing strategy

  • Advocate for the protection of minors
  • Advocate for sustainable consumption
  • Engage in public welfare initiatives


Group 1312317120

NUSO was founded.

Group 1312317121 (1)
  • NUSO's first-generation product was launched.
  • NUSO was launched in 4 regions.
  • NUSO launched 3 flavors(Brown, Green, Purple).
Group 1312317122

NUSO applied for 30 domestic and foreign patents and registered trademarks in more than 100 countries or regions.

Group 1312317123 (1)

NUSO’s second-generation product was launched.

Group 1312317124

NUSO applied for TPDs from 27 EU countries + UK.

Group 1312317125

NUSO was granted access in 41 regions, of which products were launched in 21 regions and not yet launched in 19 regions.

Group 1312317123 (2)
  • NUSO’s third-generation product was successfully developed.
  • NUSO prcducts currently have 11 flavors.
Group 1312317123 (3)
  • 7 SKUs Non-flavored Nuso has been R&D.
  • Heating Device -Nmate is launching markets.
  • Nuso now have 17 flavors.
Group 1312317123 (6)
  • Tleef launched

Message from management

Work At Broad Far

In Broad Far, we are all aiming at building a better smokeless future. We have professional teams in R&D, sales, marketing, operation, IT, etc. and have a global view of the business. We have great goals and ambitions to make our way around the world with passion, belief and ability.