Brand Selection


Resolve of Investor

"We are determined to balance the company's ambitious goals while protecting shareholders' best interests. The only way to achieve this is by constantly improving how we track performance and make key decisions.“

Management Team

At NUSO, we believe that we, too, have a part to play in global development and the betterment of humanity.

Market territory

Next generation products under Broad Far expand at a breakneck pace across the globe with a steadily growing market share.

Risk Management

Stringent Inspection Standards and Reporting

High standards and safety have been part of our brand's DNA since the very beginning. These ideals are rooted in every cell of our business, continuouslyupgraded and strengthened through determined and sustainable development. We strictly control procurement standards and procedures.

Patent Monitoring

We place a high value on intellectual property rights. This commitment form sone of our corporate research and development principles. We encourageand pay attention to innovation, strictlymonitor product patents, and develop complete patent information analysisreports, which are declared promptly to ensure originality.

Honesty and Trustworthiness of Business Partners and Employees

In order to promote the smooth long-termoperation of the supply chain, we have clarified the requirements for our suppliers in terms of business ethics, disposition environmental protection, and intellectual property rights.