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Top 3 Misunderstandings Concerning Heated Tobacco

It’s well-known that cigarette smoking is harmful and can cause smoking-related diseases, and the best choice any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether. However, nicotine is not one thing people can shake off easily. Hence smokers tend to choose substitutes that do less harm to health, such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Offering an authentic and convenient smoking experience, heated tobacco is gaining popularity in some regions. However, as little is known about this innovative alternative, some misunderstandings are bred along with the recent rise of heated tobacco products.

Below we will clarify some common statements distorted by the public regarding heated tobacco to dispel misinformation and confusion about heat-not-burn products.

1. Heated tobacco must be harmful as it generates nicotine.

Nicotine is unavoidable in the consumption of heated tobacco, as real tobacco is contained in heated tobacco sticks.

The common misconception that most people hold is that nicotine causes most tobacco-related cancer while it isn’t exactly true. Nicotine is the reason people become addicted to smoking, but the thousands of other compounds in cigarette smoke cause most of the harm. Unlike combusted cigarettes, heated-not-burn products do not generate smoke, as they have not burned the tobacco. What the heated tobacco users inhale is a kind of aerosol rather than smoke.

Additionally, heated tobacco may help reduce the risk of tobacco-related harms, but it is still detrimental to health. Up to now, there is no safe alternative to cigarettes, including various types of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. All tobacco products can give rise to nicotine addiction and contain toxic chemicals.

2. Heated tobacco will lead young people to smoke.

There’s no conclusion whether novel tobacco products are a route to smoking among young people or not.

However, heated tobacco is designed to help those who want to switch to risk-reduced products. Some smokers may search for alternatives to reduce the harm of cigarettes consumption. Thanks to science and technology, heated tobacco products emerged.

The commercialization of non-smoke products should not come at the expense of the youth. We are clear that youth should not use tobacco or nicotine products. And this is the issue we take very seriously at NUSO heated tobacco. Tobacco marketing is widely restricted around the world. We adhere to strict sales and marketing practices and we are committed to preventing young people from accessing and using tobacco products.

3. Heated tobacco isn’t regulated, and we don’t know what’s in it.

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control gives clear classification on novel or emerging tobacco products, including heated tobacco products, and detailed guideline to restrict these products.

As a relatively new tobacco category, heated tobacco is also under strict regulations of the WHO and the health departments of the local government. Besides, all ingredients are required to submit before heated tobacco enters the market.

Final Words

In summary, despite insufficient evidence proves that heated tobacco helps smoke cessation. Still, it can be an alternative that is harm-reductive compared with cigarettes.

Our advice remains the same for the public: For non-smokers, don’t start. For smokers, try to quit or consider using a less harmful alternative. We are here for anyone looking for novel tobacco products of high quality.