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Nuso’s Showcase at T2000 in Tour in Rome

The Tobacco Products and Services Exhibition renews its commitment to the formula of the traveling exhibition-event called “T2000 in Tour”. In the year 2024 , the event develops through three different stages, each lasting two days, in the cities of Bergamo, Rome and Catania.

Broad Far showcased the range of NUSO and NMATE latest heated tobacco product categories and heating device gadgets during the “T2000 in Tour”, which took place in Rome Italy between June 15 – 16. Together with our Italian local distribution partner, NUSO received an overwhelming crowd of potential consumers, distributors and wholesaler with a keen interest to explore our product variety and try-out NUSO and NMATE on site. The positive feedback from these visitors at our booth further strengthened our confidence of NUSO in Italy and other parts of Europe.